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From the beginning of the establishment, the company is easy to challenge the high starting point, bearing the power of the global expansion of plastic transmission products. After years of continuous efforts, it has more than 10 departments, formed a perfect scientific management system, the company has a large number of highly skilled technicians and managers, and successfully passed the ISO9001-2008 system certification, It has laid a solid foundation for the production of the best quality products.

Our environment


  • The company attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. What hepin builds is a garden factory. It is committed to building a w

    Plant environment

  • The company has 100000 dust-free precision injection molding workshop, mold processing workshop, central material supply workshop, raw material storag

    Dust free workshop

  • The company is equipped with advanced office space, has an elite team of more than 10 departments, has formed a perfect scientific management system,

    Office environment